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Pretoria as the capital of South Africa is in a distinctive position, when it comes to all businesses and also furniture industry. Thanks to its central position, being located in the busiest region of South Africa, if you are looking for furniture in Pretoria or in its area, you will be able to find a large number of stores, no matter what type of furniture you are exactly looking for. In our article, we would like to represent you with some of the most popular furniture stores which you can get to find in Pretoria.

When it comes to furniture, there are always several questions that emerge: with regards to the style of furniture its availability and most importantly, the price-quality ratio. However if you live in Pretoria, you can consider yourself lucky as the city is really international quality, in terms of access to all sorts of furniture. Let’s start with some of the largest furniture stores which you can get to find in Pretoria:

Large furniture stores are a common choice for most people who look for easy-to-buy and affordable furniture. Great advantages of large stores is, that you can get to buy everything basically under one roof and that they can provide you with better payment or credit options. When it comes to Pretoria, there are several large stores here that are worth visiting. If you look for common contemporary style family furniture, then you ought to visit Furniture City, which has multiple outlets in the area. Furniture City is an upper-scale furniture store which offers its furniture for a little bit higher price but has good quality and lots of imported sofas and sofa sets coming from Italy. The price-quality ratio of the store is pretty good and the fact that you can get to find them at multiple locations, makes Furniture City an even more attractive choice.

If you are looking for old style furniture and also interested in buying electronic appliances, we highly suggest you to check out Morkels, which is quite unique in the furniture business as it works as any large chains but it offers antique and vintage style furniture in its collections next to its contemporary furniture sets. Morkels is a mid-priced furniture store and has multiple outlets in the area of Pretoria.

If you are looking for contemporary, vintage style furniture or overall unique furniture pieces and home accessories, it is worth checking out Coricraft, which is one of the most genuine South African furniture makers and distributors, and it is getting more and more famous. Coricraft, although not really offering family style furniture, houses several pretty unique pieces and high quality leather sofas and seating sets which are perfect for the modern day working class. Coricrafr also has multiple outlets in Pretoria and its really worth checking out.

Then if you have a more special taste there are further great stores which we can suggest you to check out, such as Wetherlys (Hartmann & Keppler) for the enthusiasts of English Country style furniture, Weylandts for vintage and Asian antiques, or La Grange for French country inspired furniture. The nearby Johannesburg houses an even greater collection of furniture stores and it’s just about a half an hour drive from Pretoria. Check out the furniture stores of Sandton, which is one of the richest suburban towns for those hunting for great deals.